Best Christmas Card Etiquette For A Merry Holiday

Nothing spreads seasonal cheer more quickly than Christmas Cards. Selecting the best Christmas card concept calls for some ingenuity, but sending greetings is all about preparation and abiding by a few basic etiquette standards. We'll address the most frequently asked questions regarding sending, addressing Christmas cards, and contemporary holiday card etiquette to prepare you for a joyous Christmas season, whether it's your first year sending personalized cards as a married couple or you're looking to switch up your routine.

To whom should you send holiday cards?

Send holiday greetings in the form of Christmas cards to whomever you choose. The list frequently includes members of the family, close friends, and coworkers you are socially acquainted with. However, this year in particular, don't forget to send Christmas cards to the elderly on your list, as well as anyone else who might not typically receive much mail and isn't on your standard list. They'll be overjoyed to get a digital Christmas card featuring pictures of your family.

Don't wait until the last minute to make your holiday card list. When you build your Christmas card list last minute, you're more likely to neglect someone. Set aside some time to work on your list before sending anything to spare yourself the worry. You can use contacts from previous events to compile your list, and if you use your Paperless Post address book, you'll always have a ready supply of mailing addresses. Make updates all year long, and by the time the holidays arrive, your list will always be up to date.

When should you send printed Christmas cards?

You should purchase your printed Christmas cards four to six weeks before Thanksgiving to ensure prompt delivery. This will prevent you from paying rush costs and provide you some extra time in case of any unforeseen delays. Plan to send out your printed Christmas cards during the first week of December once they arrive.

When you choose to order Christmas cards will determine when you send them out. Your ordering experience will be less stressful the earlier you place your holiday card order. If you want to take the reins first, it does pay to plan ahead.

When to send holiday greetings through email?

Send electronic cards if you missed the order deadline for printed Christmas greetings! Digital Christmas cards require much less preparation than traditional printed cards. The only deadline that should be on your mind is when to send because you don't have to wait for your printed order to arrive, address the envelope, or pay for postage. As soon as the Christmas season officially begins after Thanksgiving and runs through Christmas Eve, you can start sending digital holiday cards.

Sending Christmas cards online is also an excellent idea in case you forget about someone or wish to reply to a card from someone who wasn't on your initial list. Simply click a few times to send another card without making a fuss.

Don't worry if, however, the holidays pass you by. A "Happy New Year" card can always be sent to family and friends. Pretend it was part of your strategy as you send between Christmas and the second week of January. We won't divulge.

Holiday card etiquette for businesses

Due to the fact that professional holiday greetings generally use a neutral phrase like "Happy Holidays" rather than "Merry Christmas," you have a little more time to send company Christmas cards. You should aim to send your best wishes between Thanksgiving and the new year if you're sending professional or business Christmas cards.

Professional holiday greeting cards represent your business, so be sure to use them politely. Use the office address of your clients and associates rather than their home address, and address business associates and acquaintances with the appropriate titles.

Is it acceptable to cross someone from your holiday shopping list?

You can send holiday cards to everyone, but you don't have to send them to everyone, according to the fundamental rule of Christmas card etiquette. Even while we would contend that this is the year we most need holiday happiness, feel free to offer your season's wishes to a smaller audience.

You can personally wish someone a "Happy Holiday" if you'll be seeing them between Thanksgiving and New Year's at a holiday gathering. You may take someone off your printed Christmas Card list if you don't know their new address. If you have their email, you could even send them an online Christmas card.

Signing a Christmas card

Sending Christmas cards alone or as a newlywed couple? Just sign them with your names. But when children are involved, things can get complicated. Either list the names of the parents first, followed by the names of the children, or list the members of the family one by one. Add the ages of each child next to their name as a thoughtful touch.

You can handwrite your name underneath the printed names on any printed cards you send. Have your children sign their names underneath for a cute, personalized touch. What better means of bringing them joy?

Is it better to send physical or digital Christmas cards?

There is no right or wrong method to send Christmas cards, and both physical and electronic cards can help loved ones get in the holiday spirit. We'll let you make that choice, but these are the best of each:

Printed holiday cards

The USPS is supported through stamp sales. Your snail mail is quite effective!

You can put printed Christmas cards on the mantel or the refrigerator.

Add finishing touches, like gold foil

Christmas cards sent digitally

Fast and simple: ideal for shipping at the last minute

Send a holiday greeting while protecting a tree.

Send more cards for less money with the cheapest Christmas options.

You only need everyone's email addresses; there's no need to find out their actual addresses.

Addresses for Christmas cards

Composing Christmas cards to families with kids

Each Christmas card should be addressed differently depending on the type of household. Christmas card addresses for a family will be different from those for a single person or a couple. Kids should have their own card after they leave the house, as a general rule. Send and personalize a card for each recipient.

Composing holiday card addresses for close friends and family

On holiday cards for close friends and family, use casual titles. It's also a good idea to include a return address on printed cards so that recipients are aware of your address. To save your wrist from a few hours of labor, you can either hand-write the address on the envelope or spend money on an ink stamp.

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