How to choose the best makeup mirror for beauty aficionados

A good mirror makes applying makeup a breeze, so here are our recommendations for the best magnifying and light-up mirrors for your vanity.

If you want a foolproof strategy to improve your beauty regimen, invest in the Best Makeup Mirror. Finding a well-lit area to apply your base, liner, blush, and so on is critical to obtaining a flawless makeup look; after all, if you paint your face in low lighting, you risk leaving with mismatched foundation or bronzer that looks 10 times harsher in natural daylight.


This is why selecting the greatest makeup mirror is critical for nailing your getting ready process and ensuring you've applied everything correctly. Fortunately, we've evaluated a wide choice of beauty mirrors to meet every price and demand. Scroll down to see our top picks for light-up mirrors, magnifying mirrors, free-standing mirrors, and wall-mounted mirrors.

Scroll down to see our top picks for light-up mirrors, magnifying mirrors, free-standing mirrors, and wall-mounted mirrors. If you're not sure which type of mirror is best for you, keep reading for our shopping tips.

How to Select the Best Makeup Mirror

There are various sorts of cosmetic mirrors available, and which one you choose will depend on your needs.

Magnified cosmetics mirror - While most makeup mirrors have some form of magnification, whether built-in or an add-on, magnified mirrors are extremely handy for applying makeup. Because they allow you to see deeper into the skin, they are ideal for creating realistic eye looks and producing a flawless base. Of course, it's always best to be able to view your face from both close up and far away, so you don't want a magnified mirror to be your only mirror; nonetheless, they're wonderful for improving your base and eyes.


Lit makeup mirror - If you can't find a good lighting source for makeup application, a lighted cosmetics mirror is a perfect solution. It guarantees that your face is brightly and evenly lighted, allowing your make-up to look just how you want it to in natural daylight. All light-up beauty mirrors will most likely need to be recharged, but some also have features like dimmable lighting and varied light shade options. These are especially beneficial if your night out will be in dark lighting, as it's ideal to do your makeup in comparable lighting to where you're going.

Is the size of a mirror critical?

Size matters when it comes to makeup mirrors. This is because it's always useful to be able to see your entire face in the mirror at once, especially if you're doing your hair in the same mirror. You won't be able to adequately check out your finished look if you use a little magnified mirror.

This is especially problematic if you're using a mirror with a magnification of 3X or more, as you'll need to lean in to see yourself in focus. That is, the greater the magnification of the mirror, the less of your face will be visible.

As a result, larger magnified mirrors are preferable; the larger the mirror, the more of your face you'll be able to see at once.

How long can I expect the battery to last?

The best lit makeup mirrors will have the longest battery life, allowing you to avoid having to charge the mirror every time you use it. This is particularly true if your vanity table is not near a charger. If you're putting makeup near a power outlet, this won't be a problem because many such mirrors can be utilized while charging.

Some mirrors are powered by batteries, although this is a less environmentally responsible choice because batteries must be replaced at some point. If you want to compensate, check out our overview of the finest rechargeable batteries for some long-lasting options.

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