The Best Foliage For Christmas Wreaths That Loads Your Style

Creating your own Christmas wreath is a beautiful way to welcome the holiday season and spread holiday spirit to everyone who passes by your front door.

A Christmas Wreath with festive foliage and decorations makes an eye-catching focal point and is a fun activity for the entire family. Even if you're a perfectionist who enjoys creating a vision from scratch, the kids can have fun searching the woods and garden for pine cones, berries, and other decorative items for you to use.

What is the best foliage for Christmas wreaths?

The foliage you choose for your wreath will be heavily influenced by the look you want to achieve. All of our wreaths are sourced locally from ethical and sustainable farms. When your DIY Christmas wreath arrives, soak it before you begin decorating. This allows the fresh greenery to absorb moisture and keeps the wreath looking good for a longer period of time.


If you want an understated rustic look for your Christmas wreath, spruce is the perfect choice. The needles can be a little prickly (wear gloves when decorating), but the branches are sturdy and will hold up to heavier decorations. Spruce has a pleasant scent that will appeal to anyone who visits us.

The Noble Fir

Noble Fir has a mild woodsy perfume and excellent needle durability, resulting in a long-lasting display. The Christmas foliage is densely packed for a full, bushy appearance, and the strong straw back allows you to add as few or as many decorations as you like on top.


If you like to hang your wreath early, Holly is a great option. The waxy leaves are strong and do not dry out easily, so they will keep their attractive appearance for a longer period of time. Holly wreaths have an old-school traditional look that welcomes the Christmas spirit in through the front door.

Foliage for decoration

After you've secured your base foliage, you can embellish your Christmas wreath with other natural materials. Many of these can be found on a crisp winter walk and will add character and charm to your wreath. Keep your eyes peeled throughout the fall and store your finds in a cool place until you're ready to adorn your Christmas wreath.

Cones of Pine

Pine cones are inexpensive and a great way to accent natural greenery. Use them as is for a sophisticated, understated look, or spray paint them gold, silver, or red for a gleaming, festive appearance.


Flowers, whether dried or fresh, add a lovely touch to any real Christmas wreath. They add color to the green foliage while giving visitors an elegant impression. Hydrangeas are a popular choice because they last much longer than fresh cut blooms.

Berries in vibrant colors

Nothing says Christmas like bright red berries on a wreath, aside from evergreen foliage. These go especially well with holly and can be picked fresh from the garden as needed. If you're out of berries, rose hips are an excellent substitute. Because they are slightly larger than berries, you don't need as many to make an impression.

Nuts and fruits

Dried fruit and nuts complement the fresh foliage to create a rustic-looking wreath. For a wonderfully festive aroma, slice oranges, limes, and crab apples and combine with cranberries and cinnamon sticks. Chestnuts, almonds, and walnuts are excellent choices for adding texture while maintaining a natural appearance and feel.


When you see how dense our DIY wreaths are, adding more greenery may seem redundant. Attaching sprigs of Christmas foliage, such as holly or ivy, will add the fresh and natural atmosphere to your wreath.

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Discoveries at random

Sometimes you see something and immediately think it would look great on a festive wreath. Keep an eye out for seed heads, bare twigs, catkins, and small pine branches. Even kitchen herbs, such as rosemary, can be used to enhance the appearance of your wreath.

Other wreath embellishments

Of course, foraging isn't the only way to decorate a Christmas wreath. Many people prefer to adorn their homes with festive ornaments. These can be used alone or in conjunction with items found in the garden and woodland.


Ribbon is a great way to add texture and color to your project, whether you tie a classic bow on the circle itself or use it to hang the wreath from your door. Use a metallic color, such as silver or gold, to glam things up, or patterned ribbon to add depth and interest.


Christmas baubles aren't just for hanging on trees! They can also look fantastic when incorporated into a wreath design. Large, small, or a combination of sizes work well, and you can color coordinate with your tree or go for a completely different look. Shiny baubles catch the eye, so use them sparingly if you don't want them to overpower and detract from other decorative items.

Christmas lights

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It's never been easier to add whimsical fairy lights to your Christmas wreath. Battery-operated lights are frequently suitable for outdoor use and can really brighten up a holiday display. The battery pack can be easily concealed behind the wreath. Fairy lights are simple to weave through the foliage and create a lovely twinkle in the long dark evenings. Choose a warm white glow for a welcoming atmosphere at your front door.

Attaching decorations to the base of your wreath

After you've decided on a theme and gathered your decorations, begin attaching them to the wreath. The majority of ornaments can be attached with floristry wire or string. Thread the wire or string through the decoration and securely tie it to the wreath. Florist's wire is ideal for this application because its green color blends in with the foliage, making it almost invisible.

Ribbon scraps can also be used to tie items to the wreath, and baubles can be attached with their own hanging loops.

Hang Christmas Wreath

A purpose-built hanger is the simplest way to hang a Christmas wreath from your door. These hang from the top of your door, and you simply hang the wreath from the hook. These hangers are adjustable, so you can change the height depending on the size of your wreath every year. Secure the wreath to the hanger with a cable tie or string. This will keep it from moving around as the door opens and closes, making it more difficult for potential thieves to steal.


If you want something more decorative, a ribbon may be a better option. This can be incorporated into your color scheme to complement your wreath rather than detract from it. The ribbon can be stapled to the top of wooden doors or hung over the door and attached to an inside hook.

Final Thoughts

Your wreath can be as simple and understated or as elaborate and busy as you like. The important thing is that it matches your personal taste and the style of your home. Customize the green foliage base to make a truly unique Christmas wreath.

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