Top Christmas 2022 Kitchen Gifts Ideas

(Decoralise) Every technician will say success stems from having the right tools for the work. Too many home chefs struggle every day preparing meals and more with old or inadequate kitchen tools. Someone you love works hard in your kitchen and is no less a pro than any carpenter or painter. Take the stress levels down a notch this holiday season with a gift of thoughtful time and money saving kitchen gadgets and tools.  

Make it your gift of love, cherished for the thought you put into it. Your beloved cooking hero will love it, and the entire family benefits with tasty dinners and snacks. Here are a selection of kitchen gadgets and cooking tool gift ideas guaranteed to help destress meal times and help put the joy back into cooking. 

Small Appliance Joy


Carefully selected small appliances go a long way to reducing prep and cooking times. Before shopping, think about the size of the appliances and how much counter space is available to store/use them. That said, here are some small appliances every home chef will find useful.

An appliance gift basket containing several time saving kitchen gadgets alongside a bottle of wine and some exotic spices makes a fabulous gift idea that looks great without breaking your budget. And it is an excellent opportunity to employ your creative packaging and presentation skills to make even simple gifts extraordinary.Popular Small Appliance Gift Ideas

  • Immersion blenders save time and steps in so many ways. They are perfect for making soups, sauces and more so much easier. 
  • Electric chopper/dicers are very popular inhome and professional kitchens. A gift bundle featuring an electric dicer/chopper and a quality paring/prep knife for an exceptional gift package that delivers a lot of performance without spending a fortune. 
  • Air fryers are hot now because they deliver fried food goodness in a healthier manner. Look online and check reviews to find the best match for your favorite cook. 
  • Rice cookers area must-have for anyone who loves making Indian, Thai or Latin foods. This one makes a great gift package paired with a selection of rice varieties and your cook hero's favorite spices and sauces.
  • Electric grills open up the world of exotic flavors and the delicious goodness of BBQ in every season. Inexpensive countertop grills are ideal for making kebabs, grilled lamb, chicken breasts and pork. Brands like Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart and Elite get positive customer reviews and prices range between $40 and $100. 
  • Heavy duty Belgian waffle makers should be on your must-have list. Everyone will thank you at breakfast time or on those chicken and waffles Friday night get-togethers. Pack with a selection of waffle bar toppings, including nuts, dried fruit and chocolate chips, in colored cellophane bags. Use your imagination to pack the basket with delicious and interesting flavors.
  • Countertop pressure cookers are popular gift items this season. Follow Black Friday sales to find great deals. Many retailers are offering these handy cookers at substantial discount prices. Regular retail varies from $70 to $200 for top tier models like Ninja Foodie. The more expensive models also air fry foods, slow cook like a crock pot, and cook under pressure.

Tool Time     

Beloved cooks everywhere do a lot of hand chopping, grating and mixing. Give yours a gift loaded with all those clever gadgets, tools and accessories they need to get the job done more efficiently. Here are some popular kitchen tools and gadgets that do the job. 

Cutting boards and knives are a must-have for every kitchen. Quality bamboo or hardwood cutting board sets are available online and at restaurant supply retailers, affordably priced from around $30 up to $80. Some come with color-coded washable board toppers to help prevent cross contamination and extra wear to the surface. Paired with a cleaver or small chef's knife, it becomes a gift to cherish.  

Kitchen tool sets are excellent gifts for every busy cook. You can look for a set or make your own filled with clever tools and useful implements. Here are some suggestions: 

  • Digital thermometer--average cost $10 to $15
  • Heat resistant silicone spatulas and scrapers--$15 to $25
  • Zesting tool, commercial grade--$10 to $20
  • Rotary cheese grater--$20 to $25
  • Scoops, assorted sizes--$20
  • Garlic press--$10 to $20
  • Pyrex/stainless steel mixing bowls and measuring cups--$20to $35
  • Cheese board and knife--$15 to $40

These are just a few of the possibilities. Get clever and pack them into a picnic basket with a checked tablecloth for a unique and useful gift. This is an excellent concept for gift ideas, because there are hundreds of interesting and useful kitchen tools and gadgets available at affordable prices. Combine that with your own creative packaging and presentation skills to make a gift that says "you're special"  to the beloved cook in your life.

Clever Presentation 

A gift, like a gourmet dish, achieves greatness with equal parts of preparation and presentation. Let your creative monster out to find unique and useful ways to wrap and present your gifts. Try velvet bags, antique looking boxes, and distinctive wrapping materials. Think of it as matching the gift to reflect the receiver's unique personality.  

These are only a few of many great holiday gift ideas for people who love cooking. Keeping the cook happy is an old and honored tradition down South, because everyone loves wonderful food. Keep your own beloved cook smiling this holiday season with a thoughtful gift and a big hug. You'll be glad you did.

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